Sunday, October 5, 2008

First post to Clothespin Cards!

Hello friends! I am new to this blog concept but hope that I can be entertaining enough for some readership!

I began my card business, Clothespin Cards when I wanted to do something creative and make some money doing it! I named my business with my grandmother, Florence, in mind. She LOVED getting mail and I loved to send it! Although Florence is a great name, it just didn't fit in with cards so I thought about how she used to hang dry all her laundry with clothespins and there was born Clothespin Cards!

I use her 1941 Royal Typewriter for the words on my cards and then I embellish with fabric paint to give it some dimension. I love all kinds of paper and hope that it shows in my work. As I mentioned, I love to send cards so I hope that my passion for this comes through and others will like to send cards as well. In this electronic age it is so great to still get something fun in your mailbox, isn't it?

I have several shows coming up and will post details soon.

Thanks for reading and hope you get something fun in your mailbox soon!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on starting your blog! This is going to be fun. Your cards are the best. A small gift in themselves.
cheers! Sharon

Shannon said...

SO excited for you and this awesome adventure :)
Lot of love!