Friday, June 5, 2009


these tags say 'besos' which means kisses in spanish and sending those out to the great women who took time to talk with me about selling my cards in their shops (shout out to Lisa at Butterscotch and Sarah at POSH!). retail vs. wholesale and the whole idea of a 'business' was truly fascinating and i was thrilled with their suggestions, thoughts, and ideas. i feel like i am at a crossroads with where to go next and how to focus my business so this was a great day to have this opportunity.

big thanks also to julia from litmus design + architecture for her creative suggestions and some ideas on how to use sauvie island and all its wonder inspiration and ideas.
and, as always, a special thanks to my favorite typewriter shop who put in a new ribbon for only $5. am in search of a spanish language typewriter for a spanish line of cards!
send a card this weekend. it will make someone smile!

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