Wednesday, June 9, 2010

clothespin cards at farm chicks

the back of the booth with a great backdrop courtesy of the booth behind us!
the hand stamped pots were a big hit - thanks Blue Heron Herbary!

isn't it great! my grandfather's antlers were super popular ... glad i didn't intend to sell them!

the front of the booth - what a GREAT experience and super thanks to my dear friend quimby for all her hard work for my business!!


Quimby said...

Big thanks to Tyson, too, for the design and signage! So glad to finally experience the "chicks" with you, Amy!

Jennifer said...

We Had so much fun at dinner with you girls :-)

janssen designs said...

Wow, your booth looks so fantastic Amy!

Leslie said...

The handstamped pots are a terrific idea. I have a ton of those terracottas. Really need to do something fun with them. Right now they are looking pretty pathetic!