Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February needs flowers!

Hello all!

With my boys gone to Wisconsin, my goal was to clean out the 'stuff' in our house but also get reconnected with my business. So...here's an attempt to get it going again.

I changed the style and put this picture of these tags on here because I think February needs flowers! Hope that there is some indication of spring where you are!

As I mentioned, I have been cleaning, sorting, and recycling things in our house. Our house is small and we have too much stuff so ... here I am! I have read many letters, cards and memories from people throughout the years and it has renewed my desire to write letters and connect with people so that has been a fun trip this week!

I also have helped my aunt go through my grandma's things that we had put in the 'deal with later pile' . What a hoot! My grandma saved EVERYTHING it seems like and it was great fun to remember her and chuckle at some of her funny characteristics.

Hope you can find some flowers and some reconnections in your February!

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